Ultra-lean CSS library

LittleCSS is a minimal CSS library of less than 6 KB (gzipped) that includes the necessary CSS classes and helpers for 99% of projects. It is heavily inspired by the best parts of TailwindCSS and Bootstrap frameworks.

All of the code is easily extendable and uses no pre-processors, taking advantage of the latest modern CSS native features (CSS variables, flexbox, calc()…). This page you are seeing right now is using the default LittleCSS library and was built in a few minutes.



LittleCSS is so small that you don't need to worry about file size and optimization, it's ready to deploy



Include little.css and you can already start customizing, no need to make builds or run commands



The code itself is quick and easy to understand, no complicated patterns or learning curve



Change the code directly, no need to create new variables and child themes


Native CSS

Nowadays vanilla CSS is very powerful and most browsers support variables and such



Most of the time we don't need compilers, build tools and complex directory structures

Dark mode

LittleCSS includes a very basic Dark mode that can (and should) be customized further if you need to. Toggling it on/off is as simple as adding a dark CSS class to the html tag. Try it out:

Toggle dark mode



Grid with spacing


Default tags

LittleCSS defines classless HTML tags straight away, here's a few of them.

Acme Industries
42 Cave Road

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This is a blockquote.

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Font size

















Font weight




Font family




Text align







First name Last name Plan Balance  
Petter Griffin
Petter Griffin
Petter Griffin
Petter Griffin


LittleCSS uses the amazing TailwindCSS's color palette as CSS native variables. You can find the color palette here.

We've also set a few color combinations already:

.dark-success A dark success box
.dark-info A dark info box
.dark-warning A dark warning box
.dark-danger A dark danger box
.dark-secondary A dark secondary box
.light-success A light success box
.light-info A light info box
.light-warning A light warning box
.light-danger A light danger box
.light-secondary A light secondary box

Space and positioning





Margins and Paddings




This is amazing

The revolutionary styling library that will blow your mind

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